The Climate Web’s Index


The Climate Web's 3,500 Index Entries are all linked together into a knowledge web of their own. As shown in the screenshot below, Index Entries are organized vertically, so clicking on any thought above or below a particular Index Entry keeps you in the Index. They are all connected. With the Index, you can literally click your way through the entire topic of climate change from A to Z. This screenshot, for example, representes the Index Entry for Climate Change Tipping Points. You can see that there are broader Index Entries above, and more granular Index Entries below.

As you can see in the next slide, it is through "Jump Thoughts" to the left of Index Entries that you’ll find the substantive information associated with the Index Entry topic. You might find broad Topical Headings, or just a few specific sources.

To understand the different colors and thought icons, you can review the legend graphic below.


All Index Entries are preceded by an "I:" and lack spaces in the body of the entry. This makes it easy to Search for Index Entries. To search for Index Entries on the topic of carbon pricing, for example, you would use I:CarbonPricing. Using that as a Search Term will quickly get you to the right part of the Index where you can refine your exploration of the topic. Searching just for "carbon pricing," on the other hand, will generate thousands of hits since it will include any thought that has those two words in the title.
If we tried to link every Index Entry to every other Index Entry of potential relevance, many would have dozens of Parent and Child thoughts, making the Index confusing to navigate. Instead, try clicking on Parent or Child Index Entries that seem relevant to your interests, and see what shows up there. In many cases you'll find what you are looking for within a click or two of where you already are.