Climate Web Roadmaps

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The Climatograhers have built the Climate Web as an Open Access resource; anyone can use it to gain in-depth insights into hundreds of climate topics. It’s a large resource, however, and many climate topics are complex. That’s why the Climatographers have created “Roadmaps into the Climate Web” to faciliate access to actionable climate knowledge. There are two kinds of Roadmps, Lite and Premium.

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Lite Topical Roadmaps

Lite Topical Roadmaps help you rapidly jump to the most relevant parts of the Climate Web. Lite Roadmaps hyperlink you to the most relevant:

  • Index Entries
  • Sources Headings
  • News and Opinion Headings
  • Extracted Materials Headings
  • Multimedia Headings
  • Website Headings
  • Selected Recently Added Topical Materials

Click on any of the Headings in Lite Roadmaps and you’ll find collections of resources you can scan through or dig into. Even just scanning collected topical news stories headlines, for example, can give you a good sense of how that topical conversation has evolved over time.

NOTE: Accessing the Climate Web via Roadmap hyperlinks can be a bit disconcerting if you’re not familiar with TheBrain software’s basic functionality. You can explore that functionality via the Mastering the Climate Web link at right. If you do explore some of the links on-line, please remember that cloud-based Open Access to the Climate Web is slower and less powerful than Premium Access to the Climate Web (which allows you to download the Climate Web to your computer AND take advantage of TheBrain’s superior desktop and mobile software).

You can access our collection of Lite Roadmaps via this dedicated Roadmap Climate Site.

Premium Roadmaps

Premium Roadmaps can be “Topic” or “Audience” focused. They are much more detailed than Lite Roadmaps. Premium Roadmaps take advantage of the two insights in the slide above, namely that we collectively know so much about climate change, and that someone usually will already have given considerable thought to whatever topic you’re interested in. Roadmaps don’t try to encyclopedically restate existing knowledge. They synthesize core knowledge and point you to all kinds of more detailed work and thinking that already exists and which you can access in the Climate Web, saving you from dozens to hundreds of hours. Premium Roadmaps take advantage of everything from explanatory prose and customized videos, to topical Headings and highly curated topical Dashboards focused on narrower sub-topics, to individual sources and news stories, and ultimately to individual ideas and graphics extracted by the Climatographers from key sources.

Premium Topical Roadmaps can be accessed through their respective Lite Roadmaps or through the Climate Web’s store. Premium Roadmaps are priced based on comprehensiveness; most of our Premium Roadmaps range in price from $9.99 to $99.99. Once purchased, you’ll have permanent access to the Roadmap as it becomes more comprehensive over time. If you can’t afford a Topical Roadmap you’d really like to access, contact the Climatographers.

You can see the difference between a Lite and a Premium Roadmap for the same topic, in this case “Underestimated Climate Risk” through these links:

Premium Audience Roadmaps provide a much more detailed structuring of information relevant to a particular audience, e.g. K-12 teachers, than a Lite Roadmap. Premium Audience Roadmaps can be purchased here.

Note that if you have Premium Access to the Climate Web, which allows you to download the Climate Web to your own computer, Roadmap links will activate instantly on your computer rather than more slowly in the cloud-based version of the Climate Web. You can explore Premium Access through the Leverage the Climate Web link at right.