Climate Web Videos


The Climate Web organizes thousands of climate-relevant videos, but on this page we focus on videos prepared by the Climatographers to help you explore the Climate Web, explore climate topics, and how you can accomplish specific goals. The videos listed below are just a subset of the videos you may come across in the Climate Web.

How-To Videos

Topical Exploration Videos

Help Videos

Exploring Key Climate Topics

  • Introduction to Actionable Climate Knowledge is a 5-minute video that introduces you to the Climate Web and to our use of the Lego building block analogy. It doesn’t dive into the Climate Web itself; subsequent videos do that.

  • Solving Climate Change with the Climate Web is a 9-minute video that explores the Climate Web as a source of actionable knowledge for tackling climate change.

  • Helping Team Urgency Play Better Climate Chess is a 10-minute video introducing the metaphor of Climate Chess as the best way to successfully tackle climate change.

  • Under-Estimating Climate Risk is a 7-minute video on a particular topic. It is an example of the kinds of substantive videos the Climatographers can quickly produce on almost any climate change topic using the Climate Web.

  • Under-Estimating Climate Risk in the Climate Web is a 6-minute video showing you how you on your own can dig into the topic of “under-estimated risk” in the Climate Web.

  • Carbon Offsets in the Climate Web is a 6-minute video showing you the depth and breadth of the Climate Web’s coverage of carbon offsets. Anyone advocating for the expansion of carbon offset markets should have this slice of the Climate Web on their own computer for reference!

  • Your Climate Change Research Department explores how the Climate Web can serve as an amazingly cost-effective internal research department for consultancies, law firms, and large companies.

If there are other video topics you would particularly like to see, let us know!