Climate Web FAQs

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The Climate Web is easy to learn how to navigate. You’re likely to have questions, however, as you come up the learning curve on topics as complicated as those covered in the Climate Web. Climate Web FAQs include the following; clicking on a FAQ will jump you into the Climate Web itself. Note that these Climate Web FAQs are always available to you through the HELP thought pinned to the top of the Climate Web screen.

FAQ - Are all the Climate Web's links current?
FAQ - Can I change the font size on my screen?
FAQ - Can I do boullean searches?
FAQ - Can I organize all the topics I'm interested in?
FAQ - Can I return to a specific spot in the Climate Web?
FAQ - Can I run the Climate Web on my desktop?
FAQ - How can I access Brains via my phone?
FAQ - How can I access Brains via my tablet?
FAQ - How do I search for a topic or document?
FAQ - How do I search for someone in the Climate Web?
FAQ - How is my screen organized?
FAQ - Hyperlinks?
FAQ - ioS tips for using the Climate Web
FAQ - Is there a printable User Guide?
FAQ - Mindmapping vs. TheBrain software
FAQ - Premium Access vs. Open Access
FAQ - Should I click on thought thumbnail images?
FAQ - Thought Icon Legend
FAQ - What do the blue and green dots mean?
FAQ - What do the different colors mean?
FAQ - What do the different Heading types mean?
FAQ - What does a 3-digit number at the front of a thought mean?
FAQ - What does the $$ mean at the end of a thought?
FAQ - What materials can I find in the Climate Web?
FAQ - What software are you using?
FAQ - What variables can I modify on my screen?
FAQ - What's the nomenclature of the Climate Web?
FAQ - When do slider bars show up on my screen?
FAQ - Why can't I backspace in the Climate Web?
FAQ - Why do Videos Show Up in the Notes Field?
FAQ - Why does it have to be so large and intimidating?
FAQ - Why does the Climate Web make extensive use of "Tags"
FAQ - Why does the PDF tab generate an error?
FAQ - Why don't I see myself listed as an author on co-authored papers?
FAQs - When using Tags, why does the Dashboard disappear when I click on a thought?
FAQ - What Are Extracted Materials?